Co-Chairperson:  TUMARA GABRIEL

Parents, since 2002, Local 372 has raised thousands of dollars to  give scholarships to children of members who are pursuing college degrees.  The scholarship fund was developed because Local  372 members needed financial assistance to send their children to college.  There was a vision to help members. Local  372 wanted to help the children of members, many of whom were the first child  in the family to attend college, to have the means to better their future.

Local 372 Scholarship Fund is not merely a tuition cost subsidy for Local 372 member’s children and grandchildren. It is our way of honoring their achievement, encouraging them to continue on the path they have chosen and letting them know how very proud we are of their accomplishments. No dues go towards the fund. Money is raised throughout the year from various fundraisers events, from other organizations and vendors and also from the annual awards dinner dance which is usually held in the month of June every year.

--------------------------------    SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION 2024   --------------------------------------------------------

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