Executive Vice President
(212) 815-1990

20 West 33rd Street, 8th Floor
New York, N.Y. 10001

Donald Nesbit started his tour of duty as a Senior School Lunch Helper at P.S. 299. After 5 years of service he was promoted to Assistant Cook position at P.S. 274 where he worked 1 year under this title. He then was promoted again as the Cook in Charge (S.L.A.) at Acorn High School for Social Justice. He has been working there for 12 years. After being elected as the Secretary for the Monthly/Annual School Lunch Employees Chapter of Local 372, Donald said at his first Chapter Meeting; “The reason I decided to run for Chapter Secretary is because I believe it is time for the best people to be in place when we meet the challenges that are ahead of us. I believe that one man can not move a mountain, it takes an army.”