The New York State Court of Appeals Rules in Favor of Local 372

Recently, the highest court in the State of New York, the New York State Court of Appeals, ruled in favor of Local 372 and against Paul Brathwaite and Anthony Gordon, two Local 372 Members.

As you may recall, Mr. Brathwaite and Mr. Gordon filed a lawsuit against the Local’s Election Committee and President Shaun Francois in regards to the 2020 Officer’s Election. Their demand for attorney’s fees in the approximate amount of $65,000.00 was denied by the lower court, and with the Court of Appeals’ recent ruling that decision was affirmed.

As a direct consequence of the court’s ruling, the Local will receive a refund of their appeals bond deposit of approximately $32,000.00. This ruling brings to a close a legal dispute the Local has been engaged in for many years, and sets a precedent for future rulings regarding Labor Unions within the State of New York.

For further information, please see the attached court decision below dated October 24, 2023.

PDF icon Click here to see the full court rulling.