AFSCME Judicial Panel Dismisses Election Protest: 2023 Election Results Stand

As you all are aware, Local 2372 held Officer’s Election in June of this year and the membership granted the Francois Administration another term in office.

Thereafter, the AFCSME Judicial Panel overturned the election results due to the poor air quality caused by the Canadian wildfires on the date of the election.

The election was re-run in September, and again the membership granted the Francois Administration another term. Thereafter, unsuccessful candidates Anthony Gordon, Alfonso Giordano, and Larry Davis filed official election protests against the re-run election.

The AFCSME Judicial Panel has rendered the following decision: on the grounds of a lack of merit, all three protests were dismissed; election results stand.

For further information, please see the below link for decision dated November 3, 2023.

PDF icon Please click here to see full Judicial Panel decision.