Important Phone Numbers

GRIEVANCES:  For Grievances and job-related problems, see your shop stewards and your union representative, or call: (212)-815-1050

HEALTH AND SECURITY BENEFITS:  Information on coverage and how to apply for all Health and Security benefits, including Drug, Optical, Disability and Dental benefits can be obtained by calling the Benefit Information Section at (212) 815-1234. Be sure to have your Social Security Number handy when you call.
Forms only: Call (212) 815-1531
Death Benefits: Call (212) 815-1373 or (212) 815-1374
Hearing-Impaired: If you have a teletypewriter, call (212) 815-1266 for information or forms.
Florida Retirees: Call (305) 652-6200 or write 633 N.E. 167 Street, North Miami Beach, FL 33162

HEALTH INSURANCE PENSION:  For information about health insurance coverage (DC 37 Med Team/Choice, GHI, etc.) aid in resolving claims problems and general information on pension issues, call (212) 815-1200. For computation of individual pension benefits, call (212) 815-1200 and schedule an appointment six months before your date of retirement.

DC 37 MED TEAM / CHOICE:  DC 37 Med Team/Choice offers members and retirees a wide range of hospital and medical benefits, with a wide choice of primary care physicians and specialists throughout the five boroughs, Nassau and Suffolk counties and across New York State. Call: (212) 815-1313

HIP CUSTOMER SERVICE:  The HIP office phone: (212) 815-7657   Fax: (212) 815-7570

FAMILY DENTAL CENTERS:  The DC 37 Family Dental Centers are at two locations: 186 Joralemon Street in downtown Brooklyn  11201 and 115 Chambers Street in Manhattan  10007. Both offer comprehensive dental care to members and eligible dependents and are open Monday through Saturday.

PODIATRY SERVICE:  The DC 37 Podiatry Service (foot care) is offered at 115 Chambers Street New York, NY  10007 phone: (212) 766-4455 and at 186 Joralemon Street Brooklyn, NY  11201 phone (718) 625-2544). For members only.

AUDIOLOGY SERVICE:  Members only. Included are audiologic evaluations by an audiologist and, if necessary, a hearing aid. For an appointment call (212) 341-4790 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

VISION CENTER:  The DC 37 Vision Center is located at 115 Chambers Street in Manhattan  10007. The center can be used by members and their eligible dependents. The standard optical benefits provides an eye examination and lenses and frames, if necessary, every two years. Available at the DC 37 Vision Center and at participating optical centers. Only at the DC 37 Vision Center are you also entitled to an eye examination – and new lenses, if necessary- 12 months after receiving your standard benefit. Appointments at the DC 37 Vision Center can be made by calling (212) 766-4452, 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., beginning at the last Monday of each month and each subsequent day until all appointments are booked for the next six to eight-week period. Appointments can not be made before your eligibility date. If you decide to choose from the list of the participating vision services other than Chambers Street, call (212) 815-1234 to request a voucher.

SURGICAL CONSULT/NYC HEALTHLINE:  GHI MEMBERS: Employees and Medicare-ineligible retirees who are enrolled in GHI-C or GHI-CBP must call the city’s NYC Healthline prior to any non-emergency hospitalization and if outpatient surgery at a hospital or surgical center is scheduled. In addition, if your doctor schedules certain non-emergency procedures in his/her office you must call Healthline prior to the procedure being performed. Such procedures include any surgery of the foot, nose, eye, tonsils, adenoids, breast or knee and any procedure to correct a hernia or varicose vein. The Healthline phone number is (800) 521-9574.
DC 37 PROGRAM:    Members of any health plan care get a second opinion at no cost for any elective surgery from the DC 37 Second Surgical Opinion Program. Call (212) 815-1355.

IMMIGRATION PROGRAM:  The Immigration Program helps members and their families with all aspects of their immigration needs, including permanent residence, work authorization, deportation and citizenship. To be eligible for citizenship one must be a legal permanent resident of the U.S. for five years or a permanent resident married to a U.S. citizen for three years. Program attorneys counsel members about their rights, prepare their documents and accompany them to immigration hearings and court. Applicants for citizenship need two photographs, (right side profile, right ear exposed, no jewelry) and the appropriate fees, which includes fingerprinting. (The U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service now has exclusive jurisdiction and fingerprints.) For an appointment, call (212) 341-4700, Monday through Friday, from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

SAFETY:  To report unsafe or unhealthy working conditions or serious accidents, call your union representatives (see Grievances). For occupational safety and health information, call (212) 815-1685.

LEGAL SERVICES:  Lawyers will advice and represent you on covered personal legal problems, if you are eligible for DC 37’s legal services plan, MELS. Legal assistance is available in the following matters: wills, consumer problems, eviction, divorce, dept including bankruptcy, problems arising from claims for government benefits, review of contracts or other legal documents, credit ratings, public utilities. If you are a full-time employee or a retiree, you can also get legal assistance in buying or selling your one-family residence and in family court matters. Job-related matters are not covered. Call (212) 815-1111 in New York (305) 652-6396 in Florida to check on your eligibility and coverage and make an appointment with a lawyer. Have your Social Security Number handy.

PERSONAL SERVICE UNIT:  Professionally trained social work staff can help with emotional and family concerns, alcoholism and drug abuse, health problems and adjustment to retirement concerns. Information is available on a wide range of social services in the community. Short-term individual and group counseling available. Call (212) 815-1260, 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., for a screening evaluation.

AFFORDABLE MORTGAGE PROGRAM:  Call (212) 815-1814 or (212) 815-7599.

UNION CREDIT CARD:  The AFSCME MasterCard charges interest at 5 percent above the prime lending rate. There is no annual fee, but interest is charged from the date of each transaction, even if you pay off your balance in full. To obtain an application form, active employees should call their District Council 37 Division (see Grievances listing); retirees should call the Retirees Association at (212) 815-1781. The card is now issued by the Household Bank (Nevada) N.A. If you apply for a card and there is no response within four weeks, call the bank toll free at (800) 622-2580. Written questions can be sent to the Union Privilege MasterCard program, P.O. Box 80027, Salinas, CA  93912-0027. If the bank denies you a card, you can call the bank for a re-evaluation. Members who feel they were declined because of an error in their credit report can get help from the union’s Legal Services (see listing).

QUALITY of WORK LIFE:  If your agency has a joint labor-management Quality of Work Life Committee and you wish to speak to your union coordinator, call (212) 815-1585.

EDUCATION:  General information: (212) 815-1700  –  Hotline: (212) 815-1650

* High school equivalency programs.
* College preparation and higher education academic skills.
* English as a second language programs (conversation and composition).
* Clerical skills program.
* Communication skills (oral and written)
* American sign language.
* Spanish for the workplace.
* Writing research papers.
* English grammar review.
* Learning lab.
* Reading improvement program.
* Human anatomy and physiology.
* Computer theory program.
* Cornell Union Women’s Studies.
* DC 37 Campus of the College of New Rochelle.
* Allied health programs.
* Career counseling.
* Test preparation.
* Shop Steward training.
* Tuition reimbursement.
* Library.
* Saturday activities.

Pension, pension counseling and health insurance: (212) 815-1200
GHI, HIP, Blue Cross: (212) 815-1200
Dental, Drug, Optical, Podiatry: (212) 815-1234
Educational activities: (212) 815-1683

The Retirees Association of District Council 37 represents retirees in maintaining and improving their pensions and health services. Most local unions pay your first year’s dues after joining. Inquire from your local or call (212) 815-1781. The association’s office is open from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday to Thursday. In Florida, write the Florida Chapter at 633 N.E. 167th Street, North Miami Beach, FL  33162 about meetings. Call (305) 652-6200 about health benefits.

MEMBERS WITH DISABILITIES:  Hearing-impaired members with a teletypewriter can call (212) 815-1266 for information on Health and Security Plan benefits and forms. If you know any hearing-impaired members who are not aware of this service, please inform them.

RECORDS UNIT / CHANGE OF ADDRESS:  If you have changed your address or are not getting mail, or are not sure whether you are a member or agency fee payer, or which local or division you belong to call (212) 815-1570.