Executive Board

Executive Vice President

Donald Nesbit started his tour of duty as a Senior School Lunch Helper at P.S. 299. After 5 years of service he was promoted to Assistant Cook position at P.S. 274 where he worked 1 year under this title. He then was promoted again as the Cook in Charge (S.L.A.) at Acorn High School for Social Justice. He has been working there for 12 years. After being elected as the Secretary for the Monthly/Annual School Lunch Employees Chapter of Local 372, Donald said at his first Chapter Meeting; “The reason I decided to run for Chapter Secretary is because I believe it is time for the best people to be in place when we meet the challenges that are ahead of us. I believe that one man can not move a mountain, it takes an army.”


2nd  Vice President



David Keye has been working for the New York City Board of Education since 1988. He currently works as a Parent Coordinator for the last 9 1/2 years. David is a Delegate to District Council 37, a former two time chapter secretary for the School Neighborhood Workers/Community Titles Chapter. He has been a Shop Steward since 1996 and a member of Coalition of Black Trade Unionists (C.B.T.U.) David is an advocate for families and students, a resource for his entire school community.


Recording  Secretary

Sergeant  at Arms
Sandra Fowler has been working as a school crossing guard for over 30 years.  She is a strong union activist.  She has been the Sergeant of Arms for Local  372 for over 10 years.  Sandra is a Local  372 Delegate to DC 37 and is active on Local 372’s Political Action Committee.  She is also a shop steward.


Sergeant at Arms


School Aides/Health Aides Chairperson


School Aides/Health Aides Secretary


M/A School Lunch Chairperson


M/A School Lunch Secretary


Hourly School Lunch Chairperson


Hourly School Lunch Secretary


Belinda-104x150BELINDA BANKS
Family Paraprofessionals Chairperson
Belinda Banks has been working as a New York City Board of Education employee for 29 years. She is very committed to serve the fellow Family Paraprofessional members of Local 372. She is the Chapter Chairperson for this title. She is very active in the union and in her community. Belinda is a member of Local 372’s Scholarship, P.E.O.P.L.E., Political Action, Housing and Consumer Committees. She is also co-chairing the Women’s Committee. Belinda is a very active Shop Steward for the local and also a D.C. 37 Delegate. She is also a part of D.C. 37’s Quality of Work Life Committee and D.C. 37 Political Action committee. A proud member of CBTU. She has the tremendous knowledge in union business and experience in her profession. Belinda is serving in the Executive Board of Local 372 successfully for several years.



S.N.W./Community Associates. Chairperson



lynette murphy resizedLA’NETTE MURPHY
S.N.W./Community Associates. Secretary





http://www.local372.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/roger-99x150.jpg 99w, http://www.local372.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/roger.jpg 300w" sizes="(max-width: 124px) 100vw, 124px" />RODGER MURRAY
S.A.P.I.S. Chairperson
Rodger Murray has been a SAPIS for 26 years. Presently a SAPIS III in District 5, also a Credential Prevention Professional. Rodger is involved in the union as a Shop Steward, working the phone banks, volunteering at elections, attending rallies and meetings, most importantly SAPIS Chapter meetings. He is also a part of Central Harlem Coalition in Central Harlem. Rodger keeps all SAPIS workers informed with updates and happenings within the Department of Education. He represents the SAPIS in all union affairs. He invites important speakers to SAPIS Chapter meetings to address the issues pertinent to SAPIS such as CASAC, CPP/CPS hours; pension information. He fights for all SAPIS and other union members’ rights.



http://www.local372.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Aida-226x300.jpg 226w, http://www.local372.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Aida-774x1024.jpg 774w" sizes="(max-width: 127px) 100vw, 127px" />AIDA ROSS
S.A.P.I.S. Secretary
Aida Ross was born in Puerto Rico on September 22. In her early childhood she was introduced to the benefits of the union by her parents who were both heavily involved with unions. Growing up in Puerto Rico, Aida remembers the pride her father had representing his union, taking Aida to union meetings, rallies and other union events. Her mother worked as a seamstress in a factory and she belonged to the ILGWU (International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union).  Aida is a proud and committed member of Local 372. She is the Secretary for the S.A.P.I.S. Chapter for Local 372 and also a Chair-person for Local 372’s Women’s Committee. Aida has been a union activist for 27 years and she has been involved with most union events and activities, attending rallies, volunteering for various Political Action Campaigns, attending all General Membership, District, Chapter and Committee meetings. She represents fellow S.A.P.I.S. members to the best of her abilities. She is always committed to keep all S.A.P.I.S. employees updated on all information from the Department of Education as well as becoming and remaining well versed in the elements of their contract. She always encourages members to get involved in the union, to read and understand the contract and to fight for their rights. Aida is the proud parent of a son, who also respects, understands and appreciates the importance of the Unions.



School Crossing Guards Chairperson




School Crossing Guards Secretary