School Crossing Guard Level II Supervisor Car

Local 372 President Shaun Dion Francois I “As the President of Local 372, sildenafil Seeing this car on the road brings Joy to my heart, malady my administration has created a Level II Crossing Guards supervisor position. This is a full time position that has been trying to be established for over 25 years. NEW DIRECTION has made it happen. These are the results when you are aggressively Moving Forward. We are talking about full time Crossing Guards with 8 hrs of pay Full time benefits such as healthcare all year around, what is ed Prescription Drugs Annually, and as you can see in the photo a car to drive.
This was a really amazing task, no more glass ceiling, now there is opportunity for advancement for all Level I Crossing Guards. No where else in the country has full time Crossing Guards, we are the first and were are hoping other states across the nation will follow. Thank You to all the hard working School Crossing Guards. You Deserve it. This is just the beginning we still have work to do. NEW DIRECTION will Aggressively Move Forward to get it done.”

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