President Francois Speaks at Picture the Homeless Press Conference

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On Wednesday, January 27, 2016, Local 372 joined Picture the Homeless and other housing and homeless advocates to talk about the Gaining Ground campaign- an advocacy group that works with affordable housing and homelessness. We are asking the Mayor to redirect allocation of funding for shelter by putting more money towards permanent, affordable housing.

President Shaun D. Francois I. stands in solidarity with Picture the Homeless¬†campaign, Gaining Ground. “Shelters are not the answer. Funding permanent affordable housing is. Local 372 has members that are homeless and without homes due to rising rents and lack of affordable housing. I stand with advocates to ask Mayor De Blasio and the City of New York to help fund and support Gaining Ground. It is shameful that we have working people that are homeless.Build more housing instead of more jails. The need is here and the need is now.”

Click here to see the video:¬†President Francois Stands in Solidarity with Picture the Homeless’ Campaign



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