Dues Refunds

Dues Refund Request Form

Local 372-Dues Refund Policies


Dues refunds will be made to each Local 372 member who holds more than one (1) job in Local 372’s jurisdiction where duplicate union dues are being deducted from the member’s paycheck for each job.  Dues refunds will be made to any member who works in Summer Programs and/or in After School Programs and whose union dues are being deducted from the member’s paycheck more than once for the same pay period.


Any member working as a substitute employee, providing said member’s gross salary is less than $147.00 per pay period, shall be entitled to a refund of his/her union dues payments.

Member requests for dues refunds should be submitted to: Local 372, Attn: David Keye, Secretary-Treasurer.

 Requests should be submitted no later than six (6) months from the date that the duplicate membership dues amounts were withheld from the member’s paycheck.  Copies of all pay stubs showing the member’s duplicate dues deductions must accompany the member’s dues refund request, along with the member’s name, place of employment, job category, SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER (without your S.S. # your request will be denied), complete home address and telephone number.